Tuesday, December 13, 2016

20 Fun & Festive Christmas Scrapbooking Page Titles

I'm a self-confessed word nerd.  I love puns, catchy sayings, and word play.  So for me, a page title can make or break a page.

When choosing a title, I try to come up with a play on words that connects the photos to the story behind them.  Because I like to add a touch of whimsy to my pages, I often choose titles that have a reference to pop culture.  I especially like borrowing memorable lines from songs or movies.

Are you stuck on coming up with a title for your Christmas pages?  Here are 20 fun and festive titles...

Do you like the fonts used in this post?  Check out my post here.  It will tell you where to find each of these fonts for free.  The only fonts not listed there are two from Agga Swist'blnk which you can find here.

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